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Here you can enroll in distinct discipleship pathways modeled on the way Jesus built leaders: progressively from one phase to the next. Whether you are just starting out on your discipleship journey or growing as a ministry leader, you will find a pathway suited to your stage of growth and development. 

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Developing New Leaders 1

$  •  50 lessons / cohort style / certification

Students are equipped to take on leadership responsibilities in a church/ministry setting, learning new theology and application, advanced ministry skills, advanced evangelism, and spiritual warfare strategies. Students choose a cohort group that they will journey with over the 50 weeks and will emerge as certified Disciple Builders with an active discipleship ministry of their own.

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Christ's Method for Building Disciples

FREE  •  5 lessons / asynchronous / self-paced

Based on a harmony of the Gospels, WDA trainers provide a birds-eye view of how Jesus made disciples and how we each can follow his method. This 5 Part series will introduce you to Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework and the R-CAPS© approach.

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