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Pathway Description

When Jesus invited his disciples to follow Him, He didn’t just deliver information.  Jesus offered His disciples principles, skills, and heart habits to become mature, providing them with accountability and mentorship and love along the way.  He gave them opportunities to put the things they were learning into practice until they were leading ministries themselves and advancing His Kingdom around the earth. He holistically equipped His followers to become like Him:  to be disciple builders. 

When you choose to embark on the leadership pathway offered through this four year certification process, you are walking along the same pathway the original Twelve walked.  It was this group of leaders that built the whole church.  No matter what industry or community you are a part of, people need someone like them - like you - to come alongside them, and walk with them into a deeper, fruit-bearing relationship with Christ, and invite them onto the pathway to becoming a disciple builder too. 

Churches use this Disciple Builder pathway to establish a progressive leadership development program and disciple building strategy for your lay leaders and congregation.   

Pathway Overview

 Certification: Disciple Builder

Certification: Trainer

Certification: Cohort Leader

Certification: Ministry Leader

Breakdown of Courses

Developing New Leaders I

50 Lessons | $600 for the year, or $50 monthly installments.

The suggested pacing for this course is 1 lesson per week + 1 cohort group meeting (2 hrs.) per week to discuss materials.

Year One materials equip the student/disciple to take on leadership responsibilities in a church/ministry setting. The disciple learns new theology and application, advanced ministry skills, advanced evangelism, and spiritual warfare strategies.


Trimester I

Intro + 19 Lessons | Cohort Style.

Learn about disciple building and small groups.

Living For Christ | 11 Weeks

Understand the meaning of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and the character qualities of a healthy leader.

Disciple Building | 6 Weeks

Begin to understand the Biblical basis of WDA’s philosophy of ministry including the priority of Christlike maturity and the phases of growth.

Small Groups | 3 Weeks

Learn how to effectively lead a small discipleship group. This includes how to begin a new group, the leader’s role in a group, and practical dynamics of leading.

Trimester II

17 Lessons | Cohort Style.

Learn about life coaching and team building.

Life Coaching | 7 Weeks

Helps you learn to plan and carry out strategic initiatives for those they are discipling one-on-one.

Team Building | 5 Weeks

Provides you with important team building information crucial to effective leadership.

Spiritual Warfare | 5 Weeks

 Helps you understand more advanced concepts about spiritual warfare.

Trimester III

13 Lessons | Cohort Style.

Learn about emotional restoration and practical evangelism.

Emotional Problems | 4 Weeks

Helps you understand root causes of emotional problems and provides an introduction to the restorative process.

Kingdom Growth | 7 Weeks

 Helps you understand Biblical Kingdom Parables and their implications for life today, as well as more advanced evangelistic concepts.

What's Next? | 1 Week

Implementing all of the information from the previous trimesters into activities and service.

Developing New Leaders II

Coming Fall 2022 | 40 Weeks

The suggested pacing for this course is 1 lesson per week + 1 cohort group meeting (2 hrs.) per week to discuss materials.

Year Two materials further equip students as they grow in leadership, and helps them to shift focus toward eternal things. Students will learn how to create effective lessons for a small group, gain a deeper understanding of ministry principles, and learn to do a topical Bible study method. 

Coming Soon

Coming Fall 2022.

Learn about faith and the  tensions in the Christian walk.

Living By Faith | 10 Weeks

Understand more about the role faith plays in the everyday life of a Christian.

Spiritual Tensions | 5 Weeks

 Focus on some of the common tension points in the Christian life and how to face them.

The Role Of Suffering | 6 Weeks

 Address issues in the Christian life that may cause conflict within the Church.

Developing Mature Leaders I

Coming Soon.

The suggested pacing for this course is 1 lesson per week + 1 cohort group meeting (2 hrs.) per week to discuss materials.

Year Three materials equip students to respond to difficulties in Godly ways, revealing a new depth of character and spirituality. Students are challenged to respond to complex issues such as unity, conflict and reconciliation, as well as to delegate to others and handle intense spiritual warfare.

Coming Soon

Learn about spiritual maturity and controversial issues in the Church.

Spiritual Maturity | 10 Weeks

 Challenges you to consider your own spiritual maturity while studying Scripture.

The Church | 10 Weeks

 Helps you understand the role, structure and proper function of the local church.

Controversial Issues | 6 Weeks

Familiarize yourself with common tension points the Christian and the local church in modern-day culture.

Developing Mature Leaders II

Coming Soon.

The suggested pacing for this course is 1 lesson per week + 1 cohort group meeting (2 hrs.) per week to discuss materials.

Year Four materials equip students to lead other leaders. Students learn about the sufficiency of Christ, ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit, and how to be a servant leader. Students are able to cast a world vision and are able to lead a disciple building movement: building disciples who disciple.

Coming Soon

Learn about the return of Christ, the upper room discourse, and global mission work.

Eschatology | 8 Weeks

Helps you understand various principles and viewpoints regarding the return of Christ and the “end times."

Upper Room | 9 Weeks

Challenges you as a mature disciple to live according to the truths Jesus taught in the Upper Room Discourse.

Missions | 10 Weeks

Challenges you to be a Christian with a heart and vision for all the world and people everywhere, following the great commission in Matthew 28:20.