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One of the most important activities of a disciple builder in the disciple building process is discerning the needs of his disciple and then setting goals and designing plans based on those needs.  Knowing this, we saw the need for an instrument that helps a mentor (disciple builder) and the disciple systematically evaluate where the disciple is in his development of 1) biblical knowledge and ministry skills (equipping) and 2) emotional health and relational skills (restoring). This inventory focuses on equipping areas of growth.

The goal is NOT to “test” the disciple with the purpose of rewards or punishment, but the goal IS to give the disciple and his mentor clear information about what content, skills, and abilities (both in equipping areas and in restorative areas) the disciple has and what he still needs to learn and develop within the progressive disciple building model.

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For a complete discussion about planning growth projects for disciples based on the results of the Christian Growth Checklist, refer to Disciple Building: Life Coaching.