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Students are equipped to take on leadership responsibilities in a church/ministry setting, learning new theology and application, advanced ministry skills, advanced evangelism, and spiritual warfare strategies. Students choose a cohort group that they will journey with over the 50 weeks and will emerge as certified Disciple Builders with an active discipleship ministry of their own

Purchase DNL I ($50/Month)
Purchase DNL I ($600/Annual)

Course Content

Developing New Leaders I

50 Lessons | $600 for the year, or $50 monthly installments.

The suggested pacing for this course is 1 lesson per week + 1 cohort group meeting (2 hrs.) per week to discuss materials.

Year One materials equip the student/disciple to take on leadership responsibilities in a church/ministry setting. The disciple learns new theology and application, advanced ministry skills, advanced evangelism, and spiritual warfare strategies.

Trimester I

Intro + 19 Lessons | Cohort Style.

Learn about disciple building and small groups.

Living For Christ | 11 Weeks

Study the meaning of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and the character qualities of a healthy leader.

Disciple Building | 6 Weeks

Go through WDA’s philosophy of ministry including the priority of Christlike maturity and the phases of growth.

Small Groups | 3 Weeks

Learn how to effectively lead a small discipleship group. This includes how to begin a new group and practical dynamics of leadership.

Trimester II

17 Lessons | Cohort Style.

Learn about life coaching and team building.

Life Coaching | 7 Weeks

Learn to plan and carry out strategic initiatives for those you are discipling one-on-one.

Team Building | 5 Weeks

Study team building techniques and theory and gain skills crucial to effective leadership.

Spiritual Warfare | 5 Weeks

 Study advanced concepts in spiritual warfare, including preparation and combat tactics.

Trimester III

13 Lessons | Cohort Style.

Learn about emotional restoration and practical evangelism.

Emotional Problems | 4 Weeks

Discover the root causes of emotional problems and study the restorative process.

Kingdom Growth | 7 Weeks

 Study Biblical Kingdom Parables and their implications for life today, as well as more advanced evangelistic concepts.

What's Next? | 1 Week

Synthesize all of the information from the course into real ministry activities and service.

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