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Here you can enroll in distinct discipleship pathways modeled on the way Jesus built leaders: progressively from one phase to the next. Whether you are just starting out on your discipleship journey or growing as a ministry leader, you will find a pathway suited to your stage of growth and development.

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The Cornerstone curriculum helps new believers develop a strong foundation needed for future growth and ministry engagement. Cornerstone provides mature Christians with an opportunity to strengthen and stabilize their faith by revisiting basic doctrines and experiences of the Christian life.

This Unit features 4 workbooks:

  • Getting Started (8 Lessons)
  • Knowing God (10 Lessons)
  • Understanding People (10 Lessons)
  • Growing Spiritually (10 Lessons)

School of Ministry


After a disciple has matured and developed a strong personal relationship with God, Phase III materials equip the disciple to minister outwardly to others. The disciple will learn how to share their testimony and the gospel as well as how to deal with the questions non-Christians often ask. This new venture into ministry will cause the disciple to consider issues such as time management, ministry priorities and spiritual warfare. The disciple will learn more about the important doctrines that grow from a position in Christ and come to understand more about healthy relationships. The material in Phase III has been designed to help a church (or other ministry) develop a progressive disciple building strategy for the ministry trainee.

This Unit features 6 Modules:

  • Spiritual Warfare I (4 Lessons)
  • Positional Truth (10 Lessons)
  • Healthy Relationships (10 Lessons)
  • Ministry Principles I (7 Lessons)
  • Inductive Bible Study (8 Sessions)
  • Evangelism Training (15 Sessions) including Lessons on Gospel Message, Testimonies and Apologetics

Developing New Leaders 1


After a disciple has been ministering to others for some time, they may be ready to emerge (be appointed) as a new church or ministry leader. Phase IV-A materials equip the disciple to take on leadership responsibilities in a church/ministry setting. The disciple learns new theology and application, additional ministry skills, advanced evangelism, and spiritual warfare strategies. By completion of this Phase the disciple should be successfully leading a ministry within the church or community. The material in Phase IV-A has been designed to help a church (or other entity) establish a progressive disciple building strategy for developing new leaders.

This Unit features 12 Modules:

  • Introduction to Developing New Leaders
  • Living for Christ: Sermon on the Mount
  • Living for Christ: Growing in Faith
  • Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework
  • Leading Small Groups
  • Disciple Building: Life Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Spiritual Warfare II
  • How Emotional Problems Develop
  • Kingdom Growth: Parables
  • Kingdom Growth: Practical Outreach 
  • Disciple Building: What's Next?

Accelerator Course

Duration: 10 weeks
Course Requirements: Completion of Christian Growth Inventory and enrollment. Students should have experience serving in a professional or lay ministry role.

Fee: $95 (financial aid available)
Certification: None‚Äč

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Certificate Course

Duration: 50 weeks
Course Requirements: Completion of Phase III or equivalent ministry training, completion of Christian Growth Inventory and course application.

Fee: $595 (financial aid available)
Certification: Upon successful completion of this course student with receive a graduation certificate and be certified as a "WDA Disciple Builder".

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Mentor Training (WDA Life Coaching)


Mentors, or those who walk alongside others, learn to help those they are mentoring plan and carry out strategic initiatives to encourage spiritual growth. The Disciple Building: Life Coaching curriculum helps the Mentor/Life Coach in meeting people where they are and helping them take the next step® in Christian maturity by orienting them to the “Christian Growth Checklist”, the NGP (Needs, Goals, Projects) worksheet, and other resourceful tools and skills.  

This module is required for all Leadership Institute course mentors.